About Us

A beautiful life should be easy.

We are a women-led lending company, whose sole focus is helping those who are seeking alternative financing options. We created this company to provide you with higher purchasing power at affordable rates. Our team understands there are other things that are equally important. This is why we created do Finance – to help you focus on what matters. You don’t have to choose between what you want and what you need.  We’re here to give you the confidence to do both.

Our Vision


What do we do? We’re not here to confuse you with big fancy words. We’re here to help you finance your procedures. It’s that simple.


At do Finance, we hate waiting too! That’s why we make our pre-approval process easy so you can start on that beautiful journey, now.


We understand that not everyone is in the same situation. That is why our financing options are tailored to meet your needs.

How Does It Work?

Get Financing in 3-easy steps!

do Finance offers affordable financing for any elective care procedures you want done. Whether it’s for a non-surgical cosmetic plan or an emergency treatment for your pet, our lending experts are here to help you budget those upfront high costs. With our competitive interest rates and monthly terms, we ensure that we are making it easy for you to  do what’s important today.


Choose the elective procedure you want to finance and start the pre-approval process below!
(Check out the
list of procedures we can finance.)


Once approved, do Finance will pay your procedure cost directly to the clinic so that you don’t have to wait to start your treatment(s).


Payments are automatically taken from your account on a recurring date of your choice. And that’s it!

do Finance offers financing flexibility to help you budget right. Our options includes loans as low as $500* with interest rates that are competitive and remain fixed throughout the term of your loan. Payment terms range from 6 months up to 5 years. You also have the option to borrow partial or the full amount of your procedure, just let us know! 

*On Approved Credit


Start your easy pre-approval process today!

Become a do Finance partner!

do Finance is a financial intermediary between clinics and client. We work directly with patients to arrange loans, enabling clinics to offer their patients financial alternatives.


• Increased visibility

• Immediate payment to you, the clinic, before the procedure

• Increase your sales by providing clients higher purchasing power

• No work involved – we take care of the entire process


• Fast and simple application process

• Competitive interest rates

• Easy, monthly affordable payments   

• Immediate pre-approval

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+1 416-833-8805

Our Reviews

Linda Yenokians
Upkeep Skin Clinic

It was been a pleasure to work along side with doFinance. Simple, Reliable and Easy. Looking forward to a long lasting partnership.

Linda Yenokians
Upkeep Skin Clinic

nadine lloyd
Rejuvenate with Nadine

the process to join up with Dofinance was quick and easy. Can't wait to try it out when this pandemic allowes

Marina Locio
ML Aesthetics Clinic
Nurse Injector & Owner

So happy to be able to offer this payment option to my patients. The team at do Finance are incredible and offer prompt communication!
Very happy to work with them!