do Finance Partner Advantage

Get the right financial support for your clients – with do Finance at your side.

Why should you partner with us?

do Finance’s partnership ambition is to act as a modern and digitized service support to bring flexible financing options for elective care procedures. As partners, we will share the advantages of providing customers with immediate access to funds for the procedure or product they desire.


Focus on providing customers with excellent care and leave the bill to us. We work directly with the customer to plan financing options, so you don’t have to. You provide the service, and we’ll pay your clinic directly.


Our simple application process is available entirely online or at point of sale, so you can be assured that you are providing your customers with the convenience they deserve.


Promotion of your business in our partner directory will allow you to scale up by increasing your sales volume.


We believe that being a part of the do Finance partnership should come at no cost for you. Because why should there be any strings attached?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

Our business is simple: we provide affordable payment plans to your clients for any products or services that they want to avail at your clinic as long as the purchase amount is over $500 before tax.

Once your clients are approved for the amount and repayment terms, we pay YOU directly and we’ll be the one to follow up with your customers for payments and that’s it!

What type of clinics do you partner with?

We partner with most elective care clinics in Canada! We support small to medium size clinics that specialize in aesthetics, laser treatments, dermatology, dental care, vision care and even veterinary services!

If you or a clinic you know specializes in procedures that aren’t mentioned above and is interested in offering financing plan to clients, please feel free to reach us and we’ll be happy to connect!

What benefits do clinics get by partnering with you?

Having a payment plan option available to your clients is an attractive feature to increase your conversion rate and boost your sales. These remain to be the goals of our company for your clinic.

With today’s economic uncertainty, many consumers will seek financial flexibility. Secure your business’ growth by offering your clients a higher purchasing power and financing term they can afford.

Do clinics have to pay you any fees or meet any sales quota to partner up?

Unlike some financing companies, we do not charge clinics to partner with us! Our service comes at zero cost to business owners! We also do not require clinics to have an X amount of sales volume to qualify for partnership. In fact, we love supporting start-up clinics and small enterprises!

Do you offer interest-free or deferred payment plans?

Currently, we do not offer 0% interest or deferred payment plans but this is something we will provide in the future.

Do you check credit scores? 

Yes, we do. In order to provide loan pre-approval to your clients, we need to check their credit worthiness.

The approved loan amount, interest rate and repayment term will vary according to the borrower’s credit profile. As an alternative lender, we have less strict lending criteria so you can encourage your clients to apply, even if they’ve been previously turned down by the banks!

How do clinics get paid?

All fund disbursements are done via e-transfer to the clinics’ business account on the day of treatment as long as we have received the completed online application from your clients.

In an event that there is a delay, one of our team members will provide an update to clinics. Our lending experts will also be the ones to follow up with your clients.

How do I become a partner of DO Finance?

Our membership application is fast and simple! Visit or email us at and we will send you a form to complete.

Once we receive the signed documents, you may instantly offer our financing plans to your clients!

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